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The UNC CFAR Social and Behavioral Science Research Core (SBSRC) seeks to facilitate and support new collaborative HIV-related research that is interdisciplinary and inter-institutional. The Core links existing social and behavioral science researchers and seeks to engage new research endeavors and collaborations by:

  • Supporting ongoing HIV/AIDS social and behavioral research as well as social and behavioral components of ongoing HIV/AIDS biomedical research
  • Supporting and enhancing the communication of existing HIV/AIDS social and behavioral researchers with each other and with biomedical researchers
  • Planning new research initiatives in high priority social and behavioral areas

This website has many sources of potentially useful information for your research. First, it can serve as a tool for learning about the areas of expertise, interests, and experience of researchers associated with the Core who have chosen to be included in its Social and Behavioral Research Network Directory. This directory has been designed to be used by researchers who are looking for someone with whom to collaborate or consult on a project. If, after looking over the site, you would like for the SBSRC to search the directory and link you with a researcher with a particular area of expertise or interest, please fill out the networking request form and a member of the Core staff will be happy to assist you.

This website also contains information about the four work groups sponsored by the SBSRC related to social and behavioral aspects of HIV infection. Please click the work groups tab on the main menu to review these groups' specific goals and projects. Please contact the Core Manager if you are interested in participating with one or more of the groups, or if you have ideas for a future work group.

Finally, this website provides access to the Social and Behavioral Instruments (SABI) database, which can assist you in finding instruments for measuring relevant constructs in HIV/AIDS social and behavioral research. Clicking the social and behavioral instruments database tab will link you with the SABI database where you will be asked to create a user account before searching the available domains and instruments. If you have questions or need assistance with the database, please contact the Core Manager.

We update this website on a continual basis. If you would like your work to be included on this site, please contact Catherine Grodensky.

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